Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Moistocity: Christmas in July

Krusty the Clown watch,
In4mation glasses,
Reebok Cincinnati Bengals hat,
Razor Sharp tee (San Diego)
White wash demim,
Atlanta Braves Patent Leather kicks

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friendship Nutrition

Back to the future,
Panthers exit delorean,
Bells and melody what a sweet sound
Smiles for breakfast, splashes,
Sun beating down on bare flesh,
Stress free,
Conversation snacks.

Life stories intersect,
No longer who we were,
Triumphant friendships,
Hugs for lunch.

Beverage consumption,
Unmasked Gems,
Savory ricotta magic finally digested,
Sweet Goodbyes for din din.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Moistocity: "Shaggy Ate A Highlighter"

Color Overdose:
Reebok Miami Dolphins Hat (Kolors Series)(free, thanks Damien) , Hand-me-down striped shirt (free), Understated Cargo Shorts ($20...five years ago), Talking Bart Simpson watch (Burger King, $4.99), Reebok duel pumps ($60)...being told I look like a overaged preschooler...priceless!

Crime of Fashion

On a recent escapade to the west coast to chill with my fellow brother in freshness, Ryan Kawika. I flew into San Diego a mild mannered tourist and left a hardened criminal.

Now that you have to pay for a snack on an airplane, nationwide panic levels are now read on some intriguingly bizarre color chart, travel has become a painstaking ordeal for everyone. Having been burnt numerous times by the ignorant $20 baggage checking fee, I thought for once I could beat the system by dumping my liquid toiletries before the voyage back east...boy was I wrong!!! The second my carry on bag hit the conveyor belt, my vacation turned into a nightmare!

To make a long story short, I received a misdemeanor for a brass knuckle belt buckle, aka a trend relevant accessory recently capitalized on by many streetwear brands, noteably one of my favorites 10Deep.

During the search and seizure the bottom of my carry-on bag, the buckle was actually attached to my oh so legit Wranglers black leather belt. Apparently possession of "any metal knuckles" is covered under violation PC12020 (A)17B4. Just an FYI...the knuckles did not fit my hands...but supposedly that doesn't matter in this case.

Moral of the story..."Whose Bad?"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Piano man (2/2)

Keyed specialist,
Lost in the smooth fluid groove,
Fedora funk,
Playing like it's his last.

Barbiturate silence,
Ocean of lifeless mules needing their fix,
Uproot tormented souls,
Ominous melodic trance.

Tenderonis' knees quiver,
Reminiscent of the second cumming,
Fingertips of a weathered magician,
Touch sweet keys/lives.

Gotta get up to get down,
Caught in the jam,
Piano Man

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alice Running Amuck In My Mind

So I have a slight obsession with Alice in Wonderland. To this day, I still day dream about my own mystical world. I don't see myself being the protagonist. I'd much rather be an ill supporting character, maybe even just the broom dog sweeping away the pathway through the woods. My Alice would be a 20 something diagnosed bipolar brunette, an amazing combination of succulent sophistication and sizzling hot mess. Imagine a hybrid of Dita Von Teese and Amy Winehouse, buggin' out while in search of finding deep meanings in the ridiculous, for example asking "what does my tongue taste like", "why am I wearing a diaper", or "why do I have boobs"???

I can already hear the amazingly haunting soundtrack and smell the Caterpillar trying to fly. Below are a few of my older doodles...there's plenty more pieces from Thunderland to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Until then sleep tight and pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sugary Tunes

This mixed media piece entitled "Sugary Tunes", was inspired by the childhood sensory overload brought on by ones first mouthful of Starburst candies. I tried to capture just a few of the immediate textures, vibrant colors, and titillating sensations brought on while tasting the rainbow. The taste buds couldn't help but party during this sugar rush!

Do yourself a favor...STAY YOUNG and never forget pricelessness of the things in life!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shark Sighting

Last weekend my crew mobbed to Carson Beach in South Boston in hopes of catching some of those unadulterated UV rays. This place is a real gem...wink wink! Riddled with cigarettes and a wide array of other man made treasures, Carson Beach felt like real public kitty litter. Luckily my buddy James Lee was able to save the day with his ill beach fashion. Adorned in this CVS kids exclusive, James single-handedly caught the eye of every scantly clad feline in the litter box while rocking his ridiculously awesome hooded shark towel!

Gutterville my dear Watson...Gutterville!

Near Life Experiences

Lying motionless surrounded by equally sweaty members of the opposite sex,
Side splitting laughter provoked by a pure moment amongst loved ones,
Chills brought on by the alluring scent of a complete stranger,
Glowing faces aside a raging bonfire,


We have just lost cabin pressure...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Green Jazz

This piece from back in 05' was inspired by "Blue in Green" by Miles Davis. The combination of color, size (24x36), and fluidity echoes the elegant struggle found this Miles' masterpiece.

This butter is so hot its drippin!
If interested name your price...

"Live long and prosper" - Spock

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MJ Thriller Figurines

"No immortal can resist...the evil of...The THRILLER!!!!

Paying tribute to the King of Pop, premier vinyl specialists Hot Toys work up a new set of Michael Jackson figures, showcasing the masterful work exhibited on his famous Thriller music video. The figures will come in a 1/6 scale, featuring all the intricate details one would come to expect from a Hot Toys release. A launch is set for December 2009 with a suggest retail price tag of ¥24,000 (Approx. $255 USD).

Straight up I may come out of pocket $200+ for these things...the detail is almost unsettling...I actually started twitching and begin my choreographed zombie strut...RIP! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reverse Damn!!!

This fool holding a pair of Reverse Jams color-blocked with the urban girl in mind with its funky blasts of neon pink, orange and purple. This colorway was 1 of a 5 shoe package that I work on while working with the kids design team @ Reebok. Psychologically this shoe also serves a my first piece of a $75,000 scholastic career coming to fruition.  

After the drop in early 2008 I actually spotted these puppies on the feet of some 18-24yr old fashion forward felines around the New York/Boston/Chicago area. YAY social acceptance!!!!

Designing kids product seemed to happen very organically.  Assuredly this reality is mostly due to the fact that I dress, think, and am socially confused as I was when I was 7-15 yrs old.

BUP! BUP! to Shannon E., Matty C., and Msssss. Spaulding from the Kid's Team

It's About That Time...Setting Sail!!!

Today I decided to get off my asprin and tread into this rampant world of blogging.  I intend to use this new medium to finally expose my personal works, fresh finds, and life observations, finally allowing friends, family, and complete strangers a glimpse through the cloudy purple fog and into the often unexplainable weirdness that is my mind box.  So fasten your seatbelts, put on your stinking caps, and prepare for the Moist Velvet!  Hope you brought your poopa scoopa...cuz this ninja's talkin' Shizzzzzzzzzzzz.

props to my homey Josh Swartz, for challenging me to get my artistic life in order and cross over into the world of self-publicity! Squirt-gun salute...BUP BUP!!!