Friday, December 25, 2009

Fresh Prince Moment!

The Fresh Prince was and will always be a huge inspiration in my life: socially, culturally, musically, and especially his epic fashion sense!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Late Night Budget Yum!!!!

Tonight my roommate and I started Dances With Wolves! After part 1 my stomach started growling! So into the kitchen I flew with splatter threw opened the cabinet and spilled out my bladder!...I kyd! I kyd!

Actually it was my tastebuds who went to war late night! A flavor battle of the century!
challenge was to create two different palate stimulators out of two slices of Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane bread!

The contenders: Veggie Italian Slider (2 slices Pepper Jack Cheese w/Frecesco Rinaldi's Tomato,Garlic, & Onion Chunky Garden pasta sauce sandwiched between two half slices of toast) vs. Strawberry Overload (Toast w/ an orgasmic combo of Strawberry Philadelphia Creme Cheese and Smuckers Strawberry Preserves)!!!!

Rinsed down w/ a Carrot OJ cocktail!

Double TKO!!!! Flavor knock outs!!!!! Lights out!

Moist Book: Gentlemen of Bakongo

Yo if being fresh is wrong, these gents don't wanna be right!!!!!!! This book is filled with butter from the semi-third world! Guess what's on my xmas list?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dope Movie Trailer: Black Dynamite


I've been really inspired by Pacman lately...something about eating colorful ghosts and consuming mass quantities of Kix fills my daydreams.  Below are a few artistic representations of the 80's classic, proof that I am not that far off my rocker...

gorgeous sterling silver/black onyx ring series by Rachel Pfefffer Designs

 sick Pacman ghost lamps by Brazilian Designer Anderson Horta

banana cakes w/ white chocolate icing goodness!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Dope Track: Glow in the Dark by Chris Brown

This song is EPIC!!!!!!! I hope the my dude brings the heat for the video!

Moist Whip: Gold Delorean

Dope Commercial: Nestle Aero Chocolate commercial


In most situations I can understand the difference between fact and fiction...but for some odd reason I cannot shake my closet obsession with the hoverboard from Back To The Future II. Upon experiencing firsthand the monumental advances in automotive and industrial design in the last 10-15 years I find it hard to believe that this seemingly simple yet TITILLATING piece of recreational equipment is still not available for purchase at my neighborhood Target/ skate shop...either way I still haven't given up this childhood dream of one day hovering around the city, recking havoc! Christmas is right around the corner!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dope Video: Invented Sex by Trey Songz

I Invented Sex / Say Aah (MTV Version Video) - Trey Songz

Usually I clown on Trey Songz...but I'm feelin' this track for shiggido! Makes me wanna test out my new hip like it's gametime!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moistocity: Brohawk Update

On my way back from Asia I had a quick two day stay in the Yay ERRRRREA. There I linked up with my ninja Eckles in his old stomping grounds! I finally got to experience what Northern Cal's got goin on. Berkley, Danville, Piedmont, San Roman, name it we prolly ripped through it at 90+. Thanks Ex and parental units for the warm hospitality!

Shout to my new buddy Tanis reppin the Ma Jolie Solon & Spa in San Ramon, CA, for her willingness to help evolve by brohawk with an ill spidoctopus and sun blast on such short notice.

Whose the Freshest Leader in the Land? Obama.....Shonuff!

Peep El' Presidente prior to his Jedi status! This cat's freshness levels were beyond reading...he inspires me to "Just Settle" with becoming president! Props to our great leader aka leader of the new school!

How baller would it have been if his cabinet was filled by chill cats like the two dudes beside el presidente in the first image?

Dope Video: Crawl by Chris Brown

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventures Abroad (vol 1): Where you sleepin tonight?

I recently travel to Guangzhou for work to visit factories and such. I stayed at The Garden Hotel, a ridiculously baller establishment! The video is above gives only a taste test to how serious this place really is! more pics to come!

What's in your fridge?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Creepy Rodeo Clown Transformation

The white face paint was actually glow in the dark!!! Use your imagination. Not sure if it was the face paint, the blood, or the hair that did it...I've never seen so many folks generally creeped out by my presence...there is something invigorating about transforming into an a sketchball one day out of the year!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cranium Inappropriateness...but MONEY!

On a recent visit to the Thrashers pad for board games and pumpkin carvings my mind began to wonder...I childishly positioned the game pieces into sexual positions...randomness is my middle name...wrong but so right! hahaha til the next episode.


The World Is STILL Full of DICKHEADS!!!!

Still a full believer that the amount of dickheads per capita here on the eastcoast dwarfs the minimal dickhead population back home in the midwest. But during a late nite @ Lucky's in the South End Boston actually showed glimmers of this unfortunate trend actually dying off. Somewhere between leaving Drink (a stuffy seemingly arrogant choch bar) and relocating to Lucky's where a live band covering Michael Jackson people seemed less worried about who stepped on whose shoes or who bumped into who...basically a true public gel session! Life is good!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds: Russian Accordion Genius

I found this dude very inspirational...not sure if it is his spastic mannerisms, the amazing middle school backdrop...or the epic sounds coming from this seemingly dull instrument! Either way I dare somebody to tell me that this dude isn't destined for greatness...

swag update: pick up the accordion!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dope Video: Transform Ya by Chris Brown

Love him or hate him CB has done it again with this dope track/video...with a lil help from Weezy!

PS you can never go wrong with ninjas and transformers!

Pumpkin Carvin'

On a stormy Boston evening, my lady Les and I, recently attended a wine and pumpkin carvin shindig over at la casa de Thrashers (yes, thats Jeff and Sis's actual last name). Peep the dopeness below.

StormTrooper by me
Mummy by The Wubz (Les)
Pumpkinhead by Def Jeff Thrasher
Witch by Sis Thrasher

Sick Toys: Car-nivores by Fisher Price!

Solid concept!
Safe yet entertaining!
Kindergarden Show-off!!!!