Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reverse Damn!!!

This fool holding a pair of Reverse Jams color-blocked with the urban girl in mind with its funky blasts of neon pink, orange and purple. This colorway was 1 of a 5 shoe package that I work on while working with the kids design team @ Reebok. Psychologically this shoe also serves a my first piece of a $75,000 scholastic career coming to fruition.  

After the drop in early 2008 I actually spotted these puppies on the feet of some 18-24yr old fashion forward felines around the New York/Boston/Chicago area. YAY social acceptance!!!!

Designing kids product seemed to happen very organically.  Assuredly this reality is mostly due to the fact that I dress, think, and am socially confused as I was when I was 7-15 yrs old.

BUP! BUP! to Shannon E., Matty C., and Msssss. Spaulding from the Kid's Team

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