Friday, February 12, 2010

Moist Imbecile - Valentines Day

This morning I made attempts toward becoming a spontaneous boyfriend, purchasing last minute plane tickets to Chitown to spend a magical long Valentines weekend with my diamond in the rough!....only if there was a sugar coated fairytale ending to the weekend...

I end up getting caught in afterwork Friday rush hour people traffic on the T, sooooo packed I had to hold both my carry on bag and my heavy ass bag I was gonna check (packed with moist velvet approved goodies). The Silver Line was experiencing every problem possible. I think we may have even hit a rare unicorn before entering into the tunnels...immediately after the alloy tips on the rotor sprocket valve overheated as we crept along like a struggling catepilar on a death march...

After waiting in line for 45 minutes I attempted to check my bag, but to my unfortunate reservation/itinerary was surly denied. After a 20 minute conversation with my American Airline Associate, she realized that my ticket was booked for Friday March 12th instead of Friday February 12th. Immediately I felt a herd of stress buffaloes running up my spine before the eruption of tenseness directed straight to my neck and shoulders...I have officially joined the ranks of the ISHHEAD HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!

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