Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dope Weekend!

In bed by 9:30 Friday night after smashing Chili's baby back ribs, unloading 5 garbage bags of clothing (lightening my load before my next move), lunch at Fat Cat in Quincy, Pregame birthday drinks with my girls Misty and Lindsey, manscaping Canadian coworker doing keg stands in wrestling unitard then turning to me asking "do you think it is inappropriate for me to be wearing this outfit in front of people from work?", Napoleon Dynamite homecoming themed birthday party around 3 am, waking up in a puddle of amazing footwear not belonging to me, watching powder puff (predominately lesbian awesomeness) football on a magic rainy day, cheering for the Tight Ends specifically three players (Sex Stick, Pain Train, and my girl Deb), sideline coaching psychology jargon with a Harvard genetic engineer, burnt Philly from a rooftop in Jamaica Plain, soft sprinkles drift to my face on a fabulous rainy Sunday, housing some banana mango strawberry walnut pancakes with whip creme topping at my new favorite breakfast spot in Boston, chillin with my new extended family Jeff and Sis in their baller pad with one of the illist views in Boston, about to smash a Brookly style BBQ chicken, pinapple, spinich pizza!  Wishing I had that damn camera charger...wish I didnt leave it in NY...(Yo Josh, Courtney, Kyle, Brook, Lucy, Nora I hope to see you all soon) ordered it...should be here early this week!!!!! 

This coming week should prove memorable!

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