Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Hip To Be Square: More Than Meets The Eye!!!

Even though the message attached to this image is slightly offensive, I found it crazy ironic that this lil homey in the pic is rockin some sick frames, stonewashed jeans, an ill Bugle Boy tee which I could swear I used to personally own back in the day.

Theopolis London...not only is his name BUTTER, his style is impeccable...skinny jeans, vintage adjustable Orlando Magics cap, dorkesque shades, and a sleeveless denim jacket! PS...Humbdrum Town is one of the illest tracks I've heard this year!

Three words...GAME BOY NECKLACE!!!, not to mention dude's obvious red midtop fade and dope frames.

Last but not least....homemade Mario Bros. sweater truly is hip to be square!

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