Monday, October 25, 2010

Moist Skills: Illustrated Jeans by Danny Finocchio

Feast your eyes on the beast penmanship of designer Danny Finocchio. Hailing from Easton, Pennsylvania, this cats got flavor cookin' in the cool kitchen. He is currently a graphic apprentice here at Reebok. During a random fire drill I peeped this dudes jeans as we filed down the staircase. Peep these detailed shots...REDICULOUS in person!

From graphics to fine art, i can see this dude is gonna go places, pumpin out magic by the boat load in persuit of his creative jedi. Get familiar with Danny Finocchi!

Right Pant Leg Illustrations (from top):
- mano cornuto
- checkerboard pattern
- .44 magnum
- ohm symbol
- navajo pattern
- playing card suits (spade, heart, diamond, club)
- calavera
- horseshoe
- shamrock
- pink carnation
- yellow lily
- purple stargazer lily
- tlaloc (aztec god of death)
- odin's raven
- infinity
- cmyk
- sun illustration

Left Pant Leg Illustrations (from top):
- phoenix
- cornicelli
- roman pattern
- key
- venus (greek/aphrodite) (goddess of love, etc.)
- corinthian column
- minerva (greek/athena) (goddess of wisdom, etc.)
- persephone
- moon face
- osiris (egyptian god of underworld)

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